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We provide comprehensive training solutions for employers and employees dealing with a wide range of disabilities in the workplace.

The training we provide will enable staff to gain the necessary skills to remain productive members of the workforce.


Our services are available across the midlands. We provide Assistive technology training, Coping strategies and an extensive programme of Awareness training


Our sessions are fun, friendly and interactive. Feedback is always positive and enthusiastic. Everyone enjoys the learning experience.  



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Our Awareness Training programmes include Disability awareness, Deaf awareness, Dyslexia (SpLD) awareness, Mental Health awareness. 

Awareness training sessions help to eliminate the fears and misconceptions surrounding disabilities and reduces barriers to effective communication. 

The courses we deliver will help your company to recognise that it’s not a person’s impairment that disables them, but the barriers we impose on them in society through inadequate environmental access, people’s attitudes, and organisational inflexibility. 

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Our Assistive Technology training includes training in software & equipment such as: 

  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking 
    Professional V16 Premium V13
  • Dragon Dictate MAC V5
  • Texthelp Read & Write Gold 
  • ClaroRead Plus V7
  • ABBYY Fine reader
  • Penfriend XP
  • Inspiration 9 
  • MindView 6
  • MindGenius 6, 
  • Audio Notetaker V4
  • Notetalker + Mobile App
  • Olympus Sonority Notebook
  • Olympus Dictaphones + remote Smartphone connectivity
  • Livescribe Echo SmartPen
  • Global AutoCorrect
  • Working Words

  • ZoomText Magnifier / Reader
  • SuperNova Magnification & speech
  • Phonak Roger Pen System
  • Mylink & Roger X Receivers

Assistive Technology Training will help with disabilities such as dyslexia, upper-body mobility impairments, visual and hearing impairments.  Read More >>


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Our Coping Strategy Training includes organisational skills, Memory techniques, 

Processing skills, Concentration, Sentence structure, Assistive technology, Assertiveness, Confidence building and Presentation skills.


Coping strategy training is a one-to-one support programme, usually delivered in the workplace. Employees develop and implement strategies that minimise the effect of their disability, which allows them to maximise their abilities.  Read More >>


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